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Top Four Benefits for Using VR in Real Estate marketing

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Many real estate professionals are becoming aware that the real estate industry could take advantage of virtual reality technology (VR), one might still be thinking that it's not that relevant and that one is better served by using traditional marketing strategies to promote properties. If so, Voxel Worlds invites you to look at the following top four benefits that real estate developers can get from using this burgeoning technology.

1. It saves your time and effort

The top benefit that this technology offers is that it saves the clients time and effort. The client can visit many properties just by using a headset. The client does not have to go different physical locations and can simply visit these properties from the comfort of one’s home or from the sales office. This is ideal for busy people, who still want to visit as many properties as possible or to get a sense of the properties before they decide to visit the property.

2. It expands your target audience

In practice, real estate agents often work with a limited group of customers because of the geographical factor which makes people prefer to look for properties in nearby areas, so they can visit them easily and effortlessly. Thanks to VR technology, realtors can show available properties to several customers at the same time. They even can expand to long-distance buyers regardless of where they live. This enables the real estate agents to expand their target market and work with more clients even those living abroad.

3. It makes your customers more engaged

In traditional visits, customers may miss a lot of detail especially when they are in a hurry. They may lose interest in those properties. Thanks to VR technology, potential homebuyers can choose the most convenient time to make VR tours and inspect the desired properties. This enables them to be take their time and scrutinize the properties in more detail. In addition, prospects can visit the properties as many times as they want. VR tours not only create a sense of comfort and confidence for the clients, but also increases their interest, satisfaction and engagement.

4. It encourages customers to take action

One of the difficult tasks real estate developers face is how to convince clients to purchase or sign a rental agreement. With VR tours, this task becomes much easier. VR enables the clients to make virtual visits to the available properties whenever they want and for as long as they want. VR also provides the customers with lots of interactive options and descriptions that make their virtual visit almost real. This creates a sense of personal connection and ownership. Thus, encourages prospects to take action.

In sum, VR technology is very useful for today's real estate developers. Its benefits are countless. Its advantages are endless, and its positive impact is just priceless.

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