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Virtual reality is not pie in the sky anymore. It's proven to be an effective tool for helping our customers reach their marketing goals.

Immersive experience takes buying experience to the next level making it possible to not only sense the ambiance of an unexisting yet apartment but also opens new possibilities for remote sales. 

Here at Voxel Worlds by means of close collaboration of the Art department and the IT team, we create breathtaking VR environments that excite and engage.

There is a bundle of ways of how AR technology can be applied and subsequently bring substantial value to the Real Estate business. 

Here at Voxel Worlds, we create solutions that are aimed to enhance the capabilities of both marketing departments and the construction facilities of the development companies.


Effective collaboration of our Architects, 3D modelers, and IT specialists ensures AR application comes out userfriendly and can be deployed on multiple platforms such as mobile, tablet, or Microsoft Hololens.

Core expertise:

  • VR walkthroughs/flythroughs;

  • VR training applications;

  • interactive VR environments;

  • сross-platform AR applications for interior design;

  • AR training applications;

  • informative AR applications for construction workers;

  • custom AR Application development.

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