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Content Marketing Strategies for Interior Designers

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

1. Create useful content for clients and prospects

There are many Interior Designers who already know how to use this strategy in the right way. Yet, there are still some who need a little advice on the matter. The main point is that Interior Designers have various topics to choose from when it comes to their content marketing strategies. Such as Interior design trends, Interior design tips and tricks or even Interior design case studies for all types of businesses (i.e., hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars), and so on… The key here is to mention your Interior designers brand name.

2. Use videos as part of your Interior Design Marketing Strategy

You may think "What do I need videos for?" Well, it's not about Interior Design, yet it can be highly effective. The point is Interior Designers should make short and informative videos on Interior design related topics like: Interior design trends, Interior design tips or Interior design solutions. This way they will be able to gain much more authority and traffic from search engines as well as social media like Facebook, Twitter etc

3. Blogging – a real deal!

Blogging is one of the most popular and powerful ways to get content marketing done right for Interior designers in 2017. It helps them establish thought leadership by providing useful insights into business challenges faced by their clients and prospects alike. Not only this gives them more opportunities to share products & services but also allows them to broadcast their latest projects or Interior designer events. Interior Designers should not only focus on creating content but also think of ways to do it professionally. Keep in mind that there are numerous interior design blogs tailored specifically for Interior designers – so make sure you understand your target audience and go where they already hang out online.

So, why wait? Start addressing Interior Designer clients and prospects today with help from the most powerful marketing weapon available – content!


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