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5 Decorating Tips for a Successful Home Design

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Home Decorating can be a daunting experience because clients have varying taste. However, our designer came up with 5 tips that any novice can use to come up with a winning combination.

1. Start with the basics

Working from a checklist of "must-have" items allows you to build around your favorites, rather than being unsure what you want and having to settle for less than perfect. For example, paint swatches and fabric samples can help you envision the colors and textures that will work for your home.

2. Let your imagination run wild

By starting with an open mind and using a little creativity, it's possible to decorate a room in any style imaginable. Use pictures of rooms you like or ask other people about their favorite colors and styles to get some ideas.

3. Make it your own

When you are decorating a room, don't simply duplicate someone else's decorating style. Instead, make your home unique by using colors and designs that reflect your personality and tastes.

4. Use colors to set a mood

The colors you use in your home should reflect who you are as an individual and what's important to you, whether it's serenity or a sense of adventure. For example, a room painted a single, solid color will be seen as formal where one with many colors looks more casual.

5. Choose items of quality

Buy furniture and art that you'll be proud to display for years to come by shopping the stores that specialize in high-quality pieces. Interior designers often recommend using a "quality over quantity" philosophy when decorating your home. For example, a high-end piece of furniture will be more attractive and functional than two pieces of cheaper furniture.

We have assisted many homebuilders and real estate developers in coming up with concepts that work. Designing a stunning model home can lead to the success of a new housing development. Contact our team today.


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