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Top 3 Reasons Why Real Estate Developers Need a Virtual Showroom

1. Best for early sales momentum and branding opportunities

A sales gallery is crucial to effectively build the buzz and generate curiosity from potential buyers of your new property development, in order to drive traffic onto your website. An effective virtual real estate sales gallery can provide a simulation for a prospective buyer of the living experience they’ll get once the unit, building or site is completed.

It’s beneficial for developers to show buyers a virtual view of what they can experience upon buying off-plan. It allows you to leverage features such as 3D renderings and onsite panning shots which are effective in highlighting the benefits of purchasing a unit in your development. It is important to provide as many information about your property development in order to get buyers excited with the project. Real estate marketing strategies that are used by developers with virtual sales galleries generate more traffic onto their website and thus, drive a higher conversion rate of those viewing the site.

2. Create anticipation and increase value

With a 360° view of the property, buyers can see every aspect and are able to anticipate potential changes that could ultimately save them from complaints about their future unit. It also allows developers to market a wider variety of units, increasing value for investment.

A virtual real estate sales gallery is more likely to highlight potential problems than can be done by relying on a simple description of the different features to be included in each property. Real estate developers can build trust with buyers by having a gallery, as it allows them to see first-hand what they will potentially purchase.

3. Increase repeat business

Many homebuyers and investors often prefer to experience a new unit before buying it off-plan in order to avoid experiencing buyer’s remorse. A virtual real estate sales gallery can help give them a sense of their potential purchase by creating realistic looking renderings that look similar to the same layout and style they may be considering buying.

With the continually improving technology, many buyers have become familiar with 360° views on Google maps, allowing them to feel comfortable equally seeing this presentation of Real Estate or any other properties that are available for purchase. By using this platform, it has been noted that Real Estate developers get more repeat business as it allows homebuyers to better see what they’re getting into before making a commitment towards buying the property development. Having a 360° virtual viewing gallery shows prospective buyers exactly how their future

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